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Clavia Nord Stage

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Q: What is red synthesizer that Mumford and Sons use?
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What is the red synthesizer that tegan sara use?

They use a Clavia Nord

Does Adam Young use a synthesizer?

Yes. Adam Young of owl City uses a synthesizer. In... MANY songs. :) ~Tiffany *Edit which synthesizer does he use

Can you use synthesizer as a keyboard?


What instruments did basshunter use?

He used a synthesizer or his songs.

What type of synthesizer or keyboard does LIGHTS aka Valerie Poxleitner use?

She is using 2 or maybe more different Keyboards/Synthesizer. But i know that one of them is a Korg X50 Professional 61-Key Synthesizer Keyboard.

What is the use of a Micro Korg?

The microKORG is a digital synthesizer designed to emulate the sounds of an analog synthesizer. It has various preset sounds such as Jazz/Fusion and House/Disco.

How do you get copyright details for Mumford and Sons?

If you have a physical CD, the liner notes are the best place to look; for digital recordings, there is almost certainly copyright information embedded in the metadata. Otherwise, you will need to use a combination of the websites linked below to determine who controls what.

What synthesizer did Herbie Hancock use in chameleon?

According to a couple of sources, it is an ARP Odyssey.

How do you use vocaloid?

vocaloid is a voice synthesizer system used to sing Edit: That doesn't tell us how to use it!!!

Can you use a synthesizer as a midi controller?

Yes, as long as it has a MIDI output or USB MIDI Interface, you can use it as a controller.

Which contemporary jazz artist was one of the first to use a synthesizer in their recordings?

weather report (apex)

What synthesizer do you recommend starting out with I want to be able to play chords?

A synthesizer is also known as a keyboard. To start out you can use a basic model that doesnÍt cost a lot of money. Panasonic and Motif are highly recommended brands.