What inspired Elizabeth fry?

Updated: 8/30/2023
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Elizabeth Fry made an impact in crime and punishment. She was a Quaker and a reformer (which basically means she was willing to believe new things that benefited others, quite modern ideas during the 18th and 19th century).

She was a wealthy child born into the Gurney family that were heavily involved with banks. At the age of 18 she was inspired by an American Quaker who later motivated Fry to help the less fortunate, she began helping the poor, comforting them and being all round generous, similar to a modern day Robin Hood, without the title of an outlaw.

She was prompted to visit Newgate Prison and there she made the discovery on how awful prisons were. This led her to fight for prisoners rights, for those that were innocent and guilty. She changed the way prisons were and could potentially be the reason prisoners today have the rights they do. Although prison is not a nice place to be and have to rehabilitate in, it works and they have good facilities, some better than real homes. However the argument now is whether prisoners have an easy life, easier than tax paying citizens and whether we have taken human rights a step too far?

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i don't know she probably auditioned for victorious and got the part

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she wanted to help prisoners

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Q: What inspired Elizabeth fry?
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What is Elizabeth Fry's birthday?

Elizabeth Fry was born on May 21, 1780.

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When did Elizabeth Fry die?

Elizabeth Fry died on October 12, 1845 at the age of 65.

Who inspired Elizabeth?

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What is the birth name of Lucy Fry?

Lucy Fry's birth name is Lucy Elizabeth Fry.

Who was Elizabeth Fry's husband?

Joseph Fry, a banker. He was also a Quaker.

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How old is Elizabeth Fry?

Elizabeth Fry was born on May 21, 1780 and died on October 12, 1845. Elizabeth Fry would have been 65 years old at the time of death or 235 years old today.

Who plays ruby fry in Waterloo road?

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What was Elizabeth fry's legacy?

Elizabeth Fry's legacy includes her pioneering work in prison reform, advocating for better treatment of prisoners, especially women and children. She also established the first prison school for children and helped improve living conditions in prisons. Through her tireless efforts, she made significant contributions to humanitarian causes and inspired future generations to work for social justice.

How many brothers did sisters did elizabeth fry have?


What was Elizabeth fry's religion?

English prison reformer Elizabeth Fry (1780 - 1845) was a Quaker (Religious Society of Friends).