When did Maxwell Fry die?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Maxwell Fry died in 1987.

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Q: When did Maxwell Fry die?
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When was Maxwell Fry born?

Maxwell Fry was born in 1899.

What has the author Maxwell Fry written?

Maxwell Fry has written: 'Fine building.'

When did Maxwell Maxwell-Gumbleton die?

Maxwell Maxwell-Gumbleton died in 1952.

What has the author Edwin Maxwell Fry written?

Edwin Maxwell Fry has written: 'Art in a machine age' -- subject(s): Architects and community, Architecture, Architecture, Modern, Modern Architecture, Psychological aspects, Psychological aspects of Architecture

Where did James clerk maxwell die?

James Clerk Maxwell died in die

When did Maxwell Bury die?

Maxwell Bury died in 1912.

When did Maxwell Dane die?

Maxwell Dane died in 2004.

When did Maxwell Davis die?

Maxwell Davis died in 1970.

When did Philip Maxwell die?

Philip Maxwell died in 1859.

When did Cecil Maxwell die?

Cecil Maxwell died in 1973.

When did Maxwell Perkins die?

Maxwell Perkins died in 1947.

When did Thomas Maxwell die?

Thomas Maxwell died in 1864.