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Katniss is injured in EVERY chapter if not physical then sociological or emotionally. the huger games is an excellent book but DON'T read it if you cant deal with abuse and/or you don't have a strong stomach

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I'm sorry but chapter 25 in which book? 1 2 or 3?

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Katniss And Peeta Get NO Injuries In Chapter 25 Im Reading The Book For School !

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Q: What injuries does Katniss get in chapter 25?
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What injuries does katniss have in chapter 13 of the hunger games?

severe burns

What injuires did Katniss have in chapter 15?

She has her injuries from the Tracker Jackers.

What injuries have katniss gotten in chapter 21?

Depends which book youre talking about.

How does katniss injure herself in chapter 11?

Katniss does not get hurt in chapter 11. This is when she first enters the arena. The only threat to her life in the chapter is when the girl from district 2 throws a knife at her backpack. The chapter ends with the careers and Peeta standing under a tree Katniss is in, but they cannot see katniss.

What injuries does katniss have in chapter 24 of the hunger games?

She has none, at the start they have just killed Foxface (accidentally) and at the end they are running from the Wolf Muttations.

What happens to Katniss from the hunger games book in chapter 13?

Katniss gets caught in a fire.

What are katniss injuries as a result of the fire?

she gets burned on her calf and hands

What injuries does katniss have in chapter 18 of the hunger games?

This is when Katniss blows up the careers' food and other supplies. Katniss cannot hear out of her left ear and is having trouble walking. By the end of the chapter each has minorly recovered, but her bad hearing continues.

What chapter does katniss see the Avox girl at dinner?

I think it's chapter 6 :)

Who is following Peeta and katniss in chapter 7?


What were the injuries that katniss get from chapter 11 through 25?

One injury she got was that she got burned in the leg badly, and one of the tributes threw a knife at her that cut her eyebrow and also cut her lip. She also got her ear blown near a bomb and so she became deaf on one ear, but the Capitol fixed her ear.

Who is coming for katniss and Peeta Mellark in chapter 24?