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End of 16

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Q: What chapter does rue and katniss use there signal on?
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What did katniss use to treat the stings?

Rue finds leaves and chews them up and puts them on the stings to draw out the venom

What gesture does Katniss use to say goodbye to Rue?

They use a 4 note whistle or melody, and the mockingjays in the forest carry their signal to the other because the mockingjays tweet melodies to each other and it gets carried on. Their four note melody means that they are safe.

Where did Katniss get her bag from?

Rue told her how to use the nightvision glasses. Katniss thought they were sunglasses, but they messed up her vision. Rue said they had them in District 11 so they could see in the late work hours, and showed Katniss how to work them.

What does Katniss use to communicate to Rue?

Whistling, so that the Mockingjays would hear, and then distribute the call throughout the woods.

What clove does in chapter 21in Hunger Games?

In chapter 21 of The Hunger Games, Clove is alive and partnered with Cato. When the remaining tributes go to the Cornucopia, she throws a knife at Katniss. Katniss dodges the knife and hits her in the arm with an arrow. When Katniss grabs her bag, she barely misses a second knife that results in a small cut on her forehead. Katniss fires another arrow, but misses, and Clove pins her down. Clove teases Katniss, asking her where her boyfriend Peeta is. Katniss bluffs and says that he is hunting Cato. Clove looks around for, but returns her focus to Katniss and knows that she is lying. She teases Katniss more and decides to slowly kill her. She chooses a small knife from her jacket and decides do cut her lips. Before she does, she makes a remark about how they will kill Katniss like they killed Rue, and Katniss spits in her face. Clove becomes angry at this, but before she can use the knife, Thresh lifts her up and throws her too the ground. He is enraged at her, thinking that she tortured Rue to death. Clove protests that it wasn't her, and screams for Cato. Before Cato can reach her, Thresh slams a rock onto her head. Clove is nearly dead. (In the movie her death is censored, and Thresh slams her into a wall where she dies instantly.) After Katniss and Thresh have left the Cornucopia, Cato finds her body and begs her to stay with him. Katniss continues fleeing, and a few minutes later, a cannon sounds confirming her death.

Use rue in a sentence?

Rue the day she ever walked into my pound shop!

Can you give me a summary of chapter 7 in the hunger game book?

In the beginning of chapter 7, Peeta and Katniss discuss their strategies they will use in the games. Peeta can lift and Katniss can shoot arrows and hunt. Then, they go into training with the strict rules to not show off, but to learn something new. Then, they go into their private sessions with the gamemakers and Katniss shoots a apple out of a pig's mouth with an arrow and walks out.

How are career tributes using Peeta?

They want to use him to lead them to Katniss and find out the secret of her high score from him.

What does 'rue the day' mean and to use in a sentence?

rue means regret so it means regret the day. "You will rue the day you made fun of me!"

How do you convert a flour base rue to a cornstarch base rue?

They're both starch. You use the same amount.

What does la rue mean in English?

La rue means "the street" in English, but you would normally just use "street".Ex. La rue de St. Peter= St. Peter Street.

What did Katniss use the beef strips for?

To eat.