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Actually there is two


iStill Psycho

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Q: What icarly episode did the icarly stars get kidnapped?
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Is iquit iCarly the last episode ever?

No "iQuit iCarly" is not the last iCarly episode the last iCarly episode is titled "iGoodbye" and it had premiered on November 23, 2012.

What is an icarly episode where Carly has a fight with someone in the arena?

That episode is called iFight Shelby Marx. It guest stars Victoria Justice as Shelby Marx.

Who plays Caleb on iCarly ilostmymind?

Jim Parsons from the Big Bang Theory guest stars in this episode as Caleb.

What was the very first 'iCarly' episode called?

The first episode of iCarly was "iPilot".

What is the next episode of iCarly after IQ?

The next episode of iCarly after IQ is "i Still Psycho".

What is Miranda Cosgrove episode of iCarly?

Um yeah, she's in every episode of iCarly.

What is the next Icarly episode after IQ?

The next episode of iCarly after IQ is "i Still Psycho".

When is orihime kidnapped?

she is kidnapped in episode 140

What iCarly episode does Spencer get the ship?

iQuit iCarly

Can iCarly stars die on tv?

Actually, Im guessing they can. Because you know how on youtube they have icarly spoilers? well a spoiler is that Spencer dies. The episode i think is called ihunt for big foot.

Is Jason Griffith on iCarly?

he was in Icarly, but i can't remember what episode.

What was the first iCarly episode ever?

The first iCarly episode was iPilot aired September 8, 2007.