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glen Jacobs real height is 6' 8.5 inches and he has always played Kane, no one else has contrary to popular belief.

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I heard that he is 6ft 9"

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Q: What height is glen Kane Jacobs?
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Are there any pictures or footage of glen Jacobs as the undertaker?

Glen Jacobs is Kane.

Who is Glen Jacobs?

Glen Jacobs is the real name of Kane (wwe pro wrestler)

What is the name of Glen Jacob's wife?

the wife of glen jacobs(kane) is maurisa jacobs

Why did the real Kane leave wwe?

He never left. Glen Jacobs has all ways portrayed his character Kane. Glen Jacobs is the real Kane and always will be

What is the real name of Kane?

Glen Jacobs

Did WWE glen Jacobs die?

Glenn Jacobs is Kane, who is not dead.

What is glen Kane Jacobs true height?

6ft 9 inches. although the wwe commentators say he is 7ft.

What is Kane's from WWE realname?

Kane's real name is Glen Jacobs.

What is Kane real name?

Kane's real name is Glenn Thomas Jacobs.Glen Jacobs.

What is the real name of WWE Kane?

Glen Jacobs

Who is the masked Kane 2011 2012?

Glen Jacobs

What is the name of Kane's brother?

Kane or glen Jacobs does not have a brother or sister he is the only child.