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As far as I can tell, it's been deleted, although as I'm not an admin I couldn't say for certain.

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Q: What has happened to Bella Penombra?
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What happened to Bella's grandmother in Twilight?

Nothing happened to Bella's grandmother in Twilight because she had already passed away. in the begining of New Moon Bella's grandmother is seen in a dream and not in person.

What happened at Bella's house when edward there before the wedding?

i think the other vampires come to congratulate Bella and Edward !!

What happened when Bella was in the hospital?

She was bitten by James in the first series.

What happened at the end of the story twilight?

edward takes bella to the prom :)

What happened on 31st December in carlisle?

He helped Bella give birth.

Where they making the part where find out what happened to Bella?

in edwards house in a blue dress

What happened at the end of twilght?

Bella goes to prom with Edward, with her leg in cast.

What happened to Bella after her horrible heartbreak?

after her heart break ....bella slowly recovers with the help of Jacob Black,who turns out to be a really good friend of hers......

What happens to Bella's parents after she turns into a vampire?

They remain the same. Charlie eventually figures out that something wierd has happened to Bella, but he doesn't want to know.

What is chapter 2 of Breaking Dawn about?

It's about the night before Bella's wedding. It explains a bit about the Denali clan's mother, and what happened to her and Bella has a nightmare.

What did the lady say to Bella on Isle Esme and what does it mean?

She was shouting angrily at Edward because she knew he had made Bella pregnant.She also knew what happened to humans that had vampires and was being concerned for Bella's safety.

What was carlisle doing when Bella got a paper cut?

when Bella got the papercut everything happened so fast and he was only able to help when Bella had been pushed and landed in glass so when she got the actual papercut he would have been watching what happened.