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He comes up and shoots you in the face

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Kyleigh Moran

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my friend told me to say it in the mirror 5 times he said nothing bad would happen I think he was trying to kill me
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Jeffrey Chatterley

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1y ago
jit saved my life nlgga
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You will die

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Q: What happens when you say 3 times Biggie Smalls in the mirror?
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Why is Biggie Smalls real name dangerous?

Say biggie smalls 3 times in the mirror, you'll see.

Is biggie smalls dead?

no sh1t (yes), Biggie was murderedwhy else would Satan invite him to a party in that one south park episode when butters and everyone else is scared to go up to their bathroom mirror and say biggie smalls three times and they end up saying it and biggie comes out and star ts shooting.

If you say biggie smalls 10 times does he appear out of nowhere and drive-by you in a ghost car?

Um, no. No.

Did guerrilla Black like Biggie Smalls?

they never meet two different times of hip hop

Is tupac related to biggie smalls?

No. However, they were really good friends until 2pac got shot 5 times in a new york recording studio where Allegedly, Biggie smalls was recording and 2pac thought he had been set up by biggie as he was going to meet him and congratulate him of his success on the night.

When did biggie smalls get shot?

The Game got shot 5 times in a home raid when he was hardcore Gangbangin' 2 or 3 crip's busted in the early hours of the morning took Games own gun and shot him he was shot in the heart and was in a coma and was close to death.

What happens when you say who is your future husband in the mirror then walk around the room three times then knock on the door look back in the mirror again?

You see your reflection. Unless the mirror is broken then you see your reflection in a broken mirror. Unless all the pieces are on the floor then you see what was behind the pieces of glass in the mirror.

What happens when you say candy man in the mirror 5 times?

well when i was 13 i went into the schools bathroom and said candy man 5 times did verything you possibly could do and NOTHING HAPPEND its a myth bloody marys not real candy man isnt there all myths to scare you try it and i swear on my life nothing happens they cant just appear in your mirror

What happens when you say a dead person name in front of the mirror three times?

nothing, it is just a myth and is made up to scare people.

Why is Tupac Shakur still important to rap music?

Well he played a pretty big role in rap music along with Biggie Smalls. Most rappers would look up to them and get inspiration from them.

How many times did biggie smalls get shot?

He was shot five times. I <3 Chase Utley. no he didnt he got shot five timez before dat but didnt die den dey came and found em afta he came from a mike Tyson fight and startin shootin at suge knights and tupac shakur R.I.P

What do you do 15000 times a lifetime?

Look in the mirror