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Gaara's less powerful, but nicer.

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Q: What happens to Gaara after the one tail is gone?
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What tail was garaa in Naruto?

Gaara had the one tail in Naruto.

Is Gaara psyco?

no. one of his best friends was orderd to kill him. but gaara killed him instead. this is why gaara is so upset all the time Actually it was his uncle that was sent to kill Gaara. He was ordered by the Kage to kill him, since he had no control over the One Tail that was inside of him. His uncle still held Gaara responsible for his sisters (Gaara's mother) death.

What is the one tail in naruto?

The One Tail is Shukaku (aka Ichibi no Shukaku). Its the Tanuki that possesses (possessed, if you're far enough into Shippuden) Gaara of the Sand. ^^

Does Shukaku have red chakra?

No Gaara doesn't have the red chakra. Naruto has it due to the fact that the nine tails is sealed in him. And even if Shikaku (One Tail) did have red chakra Gaara wouldn't be able to use it because the Akatsuki extracted the one tail from him.

How do you get Gaara's sand spirit?

The spirit that was inside Gaara was one of the Jinjuriki. It was the first. The One Tailed Demon. Gaara was born with it when his father sealed it in him when he wasn't even born yet. There are nine total Jinjuriki's

Was one-tail sealed by the Akatsuki or did he escape inside Gaara?

One-tailed was sealed by the Akatsuki and he died. But, Chiyo was able to revive him in turn for her life.

What is Gaaras real name?

We never learn Gaara's family name. No one from Suna seems to have one... He's often called Sabaku no Gaara, meaning Gaara of the Sand or Gaara of the Desert. ^^

What does jinjuriki mean in naruto?

that is a good question a jinchurikin is a monster like naruto nine tail fox or like gaara one beast thats waht it means

Did Gaara die in Naruto Shippuden deaf of Gaara?

Yes. ohh ok:( oh and im the one who asked this im sad cause gaara is my favorte:( Gaara did die in Naruto Shippuden but Granny Chiyo (one of the elderly people in the village) used a reanimation jutsu to bring Gaara back, but also died in the process.

What demon does Gaara have inside him?

Gaara had Shukaku, the one-tailed tanuki. That's before Akatsuki took it from him.

What happen to Gaara mom and dad?

Gaara's mom died giving birth to him (because he was possessed by Shukaku). :'( Gaara's dad (the Fourth Kazekage), after trying repeatedly to kill Gaara, was later killed by Orochimaru. (not so sad about that one...).

How do you get evil Gaara?

He is called 'Posessed Gaara', when he turns into his one-tailed form. In the games normally is triggered by using 'Playing Possuem Justu'. , and Gaara 4 ever! :D