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it goes boom.

3 years ago, i found a gun powder horn in my attic full of gunpowder. At night, me and my friend went outside, and poured it all on the grownd. He was too afraid to light it, so i did. It made a huge flash and my eyes imediatly swelled shut. He led me into my house, and i was airlifted to a hospital in NJ were i was for 2 weeks, recovering from 2nt and 3rd degree burns to my hands, arms, and face. it took about a year after that, and thank god, you can barly tell that anything happend to me, exept for some minimal scaring on my arm. DO NOT LIGHT GUNPOWDER ON FIRE!!! You will end up like me, or worse, dead!

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13y ago
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Q: What happens if you light gunpowder on fire?
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