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nearly starts a forest fire

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Q: What happens to the island as a result of the fire the boys start?
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Lord of the flies what happens as the boys spend more time on the island?

As the boys spend more time on the island they turn more towards savagery and less from civilized behavior. They start by painting their faces to hide their fear from the other boys. Also Jack kills a pig which shows fearlessness.

What happens to the body in puberty?

Girls: get pregnant Boys: Their balls start to itch

Who are the island boys?

The Island Boys are a famous band in Hawaii. Which is why there's the word"island".

What does Piggy suggest that the boys could make with the materials available on the island?

Piggy suggests using the conch shell as a trumpet to gather all the boys on the island for a meeting.

Do teen boys sniff table salt?

not usually salt acts as an acid when to much is consumed and will result in bloody noses and if happens to much will result in serious blood loss

How many boys lived on Alcatraz island?

12 boys lived on Alcatraz island

What happens has a result of jack painting his face in lord of the flies?

Jack painting his face in "Lord of the Flies" symbolizes his descent into savagery and loss of civilization. It allows him to hide his identity and embrace his primal instincts, leading to increased violence and chaos among the boys on the island. This act ultimately drives a wedge between the boys and contributes to the breakdown of their society.

What happends the first time the boys start a fire in lord of the flies?

Part of the island burns and the boy with the birthmark on his face dissapears

What are the ratings and certificates for Boys in the Island - 1990?

Boys in the Island - 1990 is rated/received certificates of: Iceland:L

What happens while piggy Ralph and sam and Eric sleep in the shelter?

While Piggy, Ralph, Sam, and Eric sleep in the shelter, the boys' fire goes out, allowing the signal for rescue ships to pass by unnoticed. As a result, the opportunity to be rescued is lost, increasing their desperation and hopelessness on the island.

Who takes responsibility for the events on the island in lord of the flies?

In "Lord of the Flies," the responsibility for the events on the island can be attributed to the boys themselves. Their descent into savagery and violence is a result of their own human nature and the choices they make when faced with challenging situations. Whether it is the fear of the beast or the struggle for power, the boys ultimately bear the responsibility for their actions on the island.

How many boys died on the island?

Which island? be more specific