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Each devil fruit contains a demon. If you eat two devil fruits, the two demons inside you battle each other until you die. This has been said but not proven. It apperars this is not true in some cases such as in the case of Blackbeard.

Blackbeard has become the first and only character (so far!) to wield the powers of two Devil fruits at the same time. Through means that are currently unknown, he acquired the extremely destructive powers of the Gura Gura no Mi from the dead body of Whitebeard and is now able to create earthquakes like his old captain. Marco speculated that this was possible due to an unstated peculiarity unique to Blackbeard himself, consisting in an "atypical body structure" of some sort, also pointing out that the other Whitebeard pirates should be aware of this fact. With the power of darkness, which "returns everything to nothing", and the power of earthquake, which "destroys all", Blackbeard claims himself to be truly invincible and the strongest.

Ye NUDDLE12 is right. BlackBeard absorbs peoples devil fruit powers, like what he did to WHITEBEARD!

Actually, BlackBeard never ate a 2nd fruit. It's just that his devil fruit has the ability to steal other devil fruits' power. But even for BlackBeard, I doubt he can wield a 3rd fruit power... XD

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Vander Decken IX is a fishman who has eaten a Devil Fruit. While it has been stated he needs to stay out of water, and uses a bubble to travel underwater like Luffy does, he is still shown to be strong, though takes a heavy beating from his first encounter with Luffy. It is not known if he would drown when underwater - as a Fishman, he should still be able to breathe it, despite the devil fruit vulnerability to it.

In more recent episodes, one of Kaidou's lieutenants was knocked into the sea by a blow that destroyed his whole ship. His mask was broken too, his shark-like teeth, clear fishman heritage revealed underneath. As a devil fruit user, he lay powerless at the bottom of the ocean, though clearly able to breathe, and grumpily waiting for someone to hoist him up.

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Q: What happens if you eat two devil fruit on one piece?
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