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You can die from eating but it depends from how much you eat. If you eat to much your stomach inside you could just like explode inside. Your stomach can only hold a certain amount. From that certain amount if you go over it you die. But also it depends what you eat. You have to make sure what you eat isn't to sharp or poisonous.

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If you eat a little lead you won't die

If you eat 2-3 pieces of lead you will get sick

If you eat a whole bunch of lead you should go to the hospital

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Q: Can you die if you eat a piece of lead?
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If you eat a piece of led will you die?

Yes you can die from eating led but, if it was a number 3 pencil that someone ate its graphite and you can only die from lead if you eat a lot of it for example half of a pencil or a whole pencil.

Can rats eat lead?

They'll DIE BUT yeah

Can people die by putting lead in there mouths?

yess! its worse when you eat it. you can die from lead poisoning. by the led getting into your blood cells.

How thick is a piece of lead?

depends on the piece of lead.

What profession owes its name to working with lead pipes?

lead eaters- special omish tradition were you eat lead and die for a sacrafice

What will happen if you eat pencil lead daily?

You will die a slow and very painful death.

Can you die from the stuff in a pencil?

Well the stuff in a pencil is lead, if you eat or ingest a lot of it you might die or get really sick.

What happens if humans eat wood?

Then They Will Die Because The Wood Can Damage The body Which Will Lead To Death.

What is a piece of furniture to eat on?

A piece of furniture to eat on is a table.

What is a sentence with the words Will not?

I will not eat that last piece of pie; I will not eat that last piece of pie; I will not eat that last half piece of pie.

How could you use density to tell the difference between a piece of iron and a piece of lead?

lead is more dense

Why a piece of lead is heavier than a piece of ice(same size)?

Lead is more dense than ice.