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Jackson did not have a positive attitude towards the Bank of the US. This was because the bank made personal loans to wealthy people and gave low interest loans to congressmen who did not support him.

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Andrew Jackson "killed" the bank by ordering withdrawals and placing the funds in smaller state banks eventually causing Nicholas Briddle, president of the bank to close the bank.

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Q: What happened to the Bank of the US during jacksons presidency?
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What issue threatened to break the US apart during jacksons presidency?

The National Bank; there were disagreements over it during Jackson's presidency.

What happened during Andrew Jackson presidency?

The Trail of tears, South Carolina threatned to succedd from the Union,

What are some important events that occurred during Andrew Jackson's presidency?

There were multiple events that occured during Andrew Jacksons presidency. Jackson worked to dismantle the Second Bank of the United States. He claimed it was unconstitutional. He was also responsible for the Indian Removal which is ironic because he adopted a native american child named Lyncoya. Jackson almost got assasinated during his presidency. He was also involved in the Nullification Crisis.

What was a goal of Thomas Jefferson during his presidency?

Elimination of the national bank

President jacksons opposition to what bank forced it to close?

Bank of the United States

What challenges did nation face during Washington's presidency?

the whiskey rebellion n the debt of the national bank -Mr.Burr :)

Who was the president of the national bank and Andrew jacksons chief opponent in the bank wars?

nicholas biddle

What was one outcome of Jacksons querrel with the bank of US?

he removed all federal governments money from the bank

What is mr biddles bank?

Mr Biddle's bank is another name for the 2nd national bank of the US. It was around in the early 1800s. President Jackson (in office 1828 to 1836) hated the bank, and worked to destroy it during his presidency.

During the great depression when a bank collapsed what happened?

Depositers lost their savings

Who supported Jacksons veto of the bank charter bill?

Nicholas Biddle

What helped cause the nations depression during Van Buren's presidency?

It started when Pres. Andrew Jackson refused to sign the renewal of the federal bank charter.