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Brain Pumper is an actor in the adult industry. Apparently, what happened to Pumper is that he contracted HIV a few years ago.

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he died Lloyd banks from g-unit shot him...because he said he was tryin to look like him

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Brian Pumper was born in 1981.

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Q: What happened to actor Brian Pumper?
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What is the birthday of Brian Pumper?

Brian Pumper was born April 25, 1981 in Hempstead, New York, USA. Brian Pumper is an American director, rapper and actor. He formed his own production company in 2006.

Is Brian Pumper Bisexual?

No, he wasn't.

What is Brian Pumper's sexual orientation?


How tall is Brian pumper?

All general sources list Brian as standing 5'8". But despite this height, he does have an impressive physique at around 184 pounds of muscle.

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