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If you look at the Video of "Eddie C" playing Oh Mein Papa,you will get a close up of this instrument.

Then if you look at the video of The Pop Group Modern Romance playing Cherry Pink & Apple Blossom White and look closely at their Trumpet players instrument, you will see it is the same trumpet.

It was bought by him for an undisclosed sum??Sorry no other details as to the make of the instrument,but perhaps some other person can supply this detail

Bugleboy Bristol England.


I did some research and Eddie Calvert used a Customised Besson New creation LR (In Gold plate of course). These were distinctive with a full circular pinky ring and a micro-adjuster for the tuning slide. Across the micro-adjuster was the name "BESSSON". This logo was removable, and if you look at the video of modern romance, John du Prez's trumpet has a big letter "C" where that logo should be.

"C" for Calvert perhaps?

Odd thing is that in all the vintage pictures of Eddie, none show this personalised moniker. No doubt Eddie had lots of trumpets available to him, so I wonder if so if the moniker was added during his lifetime or add authenticity later? Perhaps Mr Du prez can clarify?

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Q: What happened to Eddie Calverts Golden Trumpet after he died?
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