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Q: What groups would have the most musicians?
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Which of these groups would have the most musicians orchestra chamber orchestra or woodwind ensemble?

the right answer is Orchestra, the one who would have the most musician.

Which group would have the most musicians chamber orchestra orchestra or woodwind ensemble?

The simple "orchestra" will have the most musicians.

What group would have most musicians?


What music groups or musicians influenced the beatles?

there is so many it inposible to answer!

What 2 people groups inspired the culture in New Orleans?

Musicians and chefs

What groups of musicians used the ukulele?

The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain uses them exclusively. Many Hawaiian groups concentrate on the ukulele.

Which of these musicians would most interest somebody who studies typhlology?

Steve Wonder, because he is blind

What has the author Piotr Kaczkowski written?

Piotr Kaczkowski has written: 'Przy mikrofonie' -- subject(s): Interviews, Rock musicians, Rock groups, Jazz musicians

What has the author Mick Rock written?

Mick Rock has written: 'Exposed' -- subject(s): Portraits, Rock groups, Rock musicians 'Classic Queen' -- subject(s): Pictorial works, Queen (Musical group), Rock groups, Rock musicians 'Picture this' -- subject(s): Women singers, Portraits, Blondie (Musical group), Rock musicians

Did Katy perry sold the most albums?

no; she's sold more albums than some other musicians, but not the most of all musicians

In the middle ages most important musicians were?

The most important musicians during the Middle Ages were priests and those who worked for the church.

What state do most musicians come from?