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Gamelan musicians like to respect their instruments. They believe that the instruments have a connection to their God and that stepping over the instruments would break the connection.

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Q: Why do gamelan musicians never step over their instruments?
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What must you not do to Gamelan instruments?

You must never step over the Gamelan instruments and you must never show the soles of your feet when you are sitting. The rules are extremely strict when it comes to the Gamelan.

Where could you find Facts about gamelan music?

they are very spiritual do not step over th instruments do not drop the beaters take of ur socks and shoes sit crossed legged so no one can see the soles of ur feet they belive the instruments are on strings to heaven if a member dies the will never play the instrument again there are bettwen 4 and 40 instruments the tunes repeated over and over again to produce a pattern gamelan music has been haned down generation they play gamelan music as shadow puppet plays festivals churchs ect hope this helps its only infomation i found out in school

How has music evolved over the years?

through musicians with instruments

Why was gamelan music created?

Its exotic, interesting and the instruments sort of represent the rainforest's. Its very original.Javanese and Sundanese( 2 different places in gamelan )play a soft dreamy type of tune were as Balinese plays more of a loud and dramatic effect.Main Places in GamelanSunda, Cirecon, Banyumas, Madura, kendiri, Majapahit, Banyuwang

What are the 4 rules for playing a gamelan?

dont walk over the instruments because they believe they all have a string up to heaven and you would break it.take shoes off.dont show the soles of your feet when seated.dont drop the beaters.hope this helps ;-)

Who devised the system of Western musical tuning that allowed instruments such as the harpsichord to play in any key?

The Western musical tuning that allowed instruments to play in any key was not developed by any one person. It was developed by a number of composers and musicians over many years.

What are the different kinds of gamelan instruments?

There are two major varieties of Gamelan, Javanese and Balinese, and both use very similar orchestrations. The gender is the most widely known instrument. It is a 14-keyed metallophone that elaborates on the main melody. The saron is a smaller metallophone. It comes in three sizes and provides the main tune and rhythm. The gambang is a wooden xylophone that shares the role of the gender. The gongs provide the bass part and cue the other players to change the tune or beat. It is said that the soul of the gamelan lives within the largest gong. The bonang is a series of kettle-shaped gongs on a frame. These provide an accompaniment throughout performances. Over time other instruments have found their way into the gamelan orchestra. The suling (bamboo flute) and rebab (bowed instrument) are now part of many gamelans.

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