What genre is dragonforce?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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power metal

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Q: What genre is dragonforce?
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How many people are in Dragonforce?

There are currently 6 members of Dragonforce.

Who is Dragonforce's singer?

Everyone in Dragonforce sings, but the lead singer is ZP Theart.

Is dragonforce dead?

no DragonForce is still out there on there world tour for there album "Ultra Beatdown"

When did Dragonforce form?

Dragonforce was established in 1999, and released their independent demo album in 2000.

Who has met dragonforce?


Is there an American in dragonforce?


What was Dragonforce called before?

It was origanly called dragonheart but a band already had the name so they changed to dragonforce

What is dragonforce's hometown?


Where did Dragonforce form?

London, England.

Is dragonforce awsome?

there is only one thing to say HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dragonforce is the best band ever nothing comes close to it

Does dragonforce still live today?

Although Dragonforce is a band of six people - not one - yes. It is still around and making music.

What type of music would be considered power metal?

Power metal is often acknowledged for combining elements of traditional metal and speed metal. Good exemplars of the genre include Dragonforce, Iced Earth, and Blind Guardian.