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No. ZP Theart has always been the lead vocalist for the band.

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because they want too

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Q: Why did dragonforce get a new lead singer?
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Who is Dragonforce's singer?

Everyone in Dragonforce sings, but the lead singer is ZP Theart.

Who is the lead singer of dragonforce?

ZP Theart

When was the lead singer of the dragonforce band born?

Clanwilliam, South Africa

Were was the lead singer of dragonforce zp theart born?

ZP Theart was born in a town called Clanwilliam, South Africa.

What are the peoples name for the band Dragonforce?

I know most of them I think... Lead singer: ZP Theart Lead Guitarist: Herman Li Lead Bassist and main song writer: Sam Totman Keyboard: Vadim Pruzhanov Frédéric Leclercq is all around. I think mostly bass for Dragonforce. Adrian Lambert used to be in Dragonforce, but not any more (2002 - 2006) He was the bassist. Drummer: Dave Mackintosh

Is the singer of dragonforce dead?

No. His name is ZP Theart, and he is quite thoroughly alive.

Who is blessthefall's lead singer?

they have a new lead singer and His name is Beau Bokan, and he is the former lead singer of the band Take the Crown.

Who is sonic syndicate's lead singer?

the new lead singer is Nathan J. Biggs

Who is the singer from dragonforce?

zp quit so now it's nobody but they are holding auditions

Did Linkin Park find new replacement for lead singer?

There was never a search for a new singer. Chester Bennington will continue to be the lead singer of Linkin Park.

Who is the lead singer of new divide?

The singer is Chester Bennington

Did blondie get a new lead singer?