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Bacc then, Lil Wayne was on GD Folks but after Mac 10 showed birdman how his hood do it in Cali, Birdman decieded 2 roll wit the red nd of course Lil Wayne followed bkuz that's hiz dad. Since lil Wayne cant go bacc 2 hiz hood, wearz skinnies, is a roccstar, hood hopped 2 a blood, got punked by 40 Glocc nd his hood and claims he a Goon but disrespects Goonz all the time, lil Wayne proven he is the fakest known b dogg of all times yet iz one of the coldest rappers alive.

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Q: What gang was Lil Wayne in when he was a Crip?
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What Crip was Lil Wayne in?

Lil Wayne was never in any gang. As far as the wearing of bandanas go, that's just a fashion statement, he doesn't claim any gang afffiliation at all.

What gang is lil twist in?

Well Lil Twist Use To Be a Blood and now a Crip so i guess Hes a Blood again With Lil Wayne if Your Crip Puccie azz Nikka Sukk DiKK

What gang is lil Wayne?

Lil Wayne isn't in any gang.

Is lil webbie a blood or a crip?

He a blood but I don't know wat set he from

What gang does lil wayne rep?

Your mums gang :)

What gang is Lil Wayne on?


Is rapper fabolous a crip?

yeah he is a NSCNorth Side Crip

What member of b2k was in a gang?

Lil Fizz, and he's still in a gang, he's a member of the 8 Tray Gangster Crips gang.

What gang is Lil Wayne from?

None. He is just a Lil' Wannabe.

Is juvenile a crip?

Anybody who hangs or used to hang with lil wayne doesn't really gang bang due to the fact that lil wayne is't a real Blood, he used to wear blue bandanas and throw up Crip hand signs(so did juvenile) when he was with hot boyz & didn't start false claming Blood till after the Carter cd's. *To answer ur question Juveline isn't in any gang

Is Lil Wayne a crip or a blood?

He claims to be Blood, but according to "real Bloods" from the ghettos of California, they say Lil Wayne is a "fake Blood" because he has been seen wearing blue, which is the color of the Crips, Bloods and Crips don't get along so they don't wear each other's colors. Wayne's bandanna was hanging from the wrong side of his back pocket according to the Bloods.

Is Lil Fizz an eight tray gangster crip?

Lil Fizz is a member of the 8 Tray Gangster Crip gang.