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Yes, Lil Wayne is a blood

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yes he is east side pyro

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Q: Is lil Wayne a member of the bloods gang?
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What rappers are in GKB Bloods Gang?

Lil wayne

Why does lil Wayne wear red?

Lil Wayne wears red because hes part of the gang called the Bloods and their color is red

What are Lil Waynes songs about?

Lil Wayne's songs are about his life as being a gang member.

What is Lil Wayne's gang sign?

Lil Wayne is a successful hip hop artist with his own company. He is a member of the Blood gang. He joined when he became famous.

What Gang is Lil' Wayne in?

Lil wayne is a Blood. You know he is because of the way he talks smack about Crips in private with other Bloods and he is always wearing red relating him to the bloods so if any 1 says hes a crips they are lying

What gang is lil Wayne?

Lil Wayne isn't in any gang.

Is Lil Wayne apart of the Bloods or Crips gang?

lil wayne is still in the blood gang, the ymcmb clothing is all red just like the blood gang clour and if you look in the mirror music video lil wayne makes a symbol and that is not any ordinary sign that is the blood sign and also ymcmb is the blood gang they are acutally a set which is what different parts of the blood gang call themselves

What afilliation is lil Wayne?

It is rumoured but not proven that this individual is associated with an American gang called "The Bloods". This stems from the fact that he was witnessed having an altercation with their rival gang, "The Crips". But that does not prove his affiliation with them.He once said in an interview: "I'm not from LA, and I don't know too much about the Bloods and Crips. All I know is that it's not a good thing."

Is lil Wayne crips or bloods?

hes neither, he was a blood but once he joined Cash Money Records about 5 years later he quit the bloods

What gang does lil wayne rep?

Your mums gang :)

What gang is Lil Wayne on?


What gang is Lil Wayne from?

None. He is just a Lil' Wannabe.