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Q: What game is colonel mustard game piece from?
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Is there a colonel mustard or a colonel relish?

Colonel Mustard is a character of the boardgame Cluedo, socalled because he is typically the yellow piece (mustard is traditionally yellow). Colonel relish may be a brand in some part of the world, but it is obviously not famous enough to be welnoted in most of it.

Which person in the board game Clue wears a monocle?

Colonel Musard wears a monocle

What suspect in the game of Clue holds a military rank?

Colonel Mustard.

Colonel Mustard and Professor Plum appear in which board game?

a food one

What game created over 50 years ago do you try to win withe pronouncements like colonel mustard in the library with the rope?

1. What game, crated over 50 years ago-do you try to win with pronouncements like "colonel Mustard in the library with the rope"?

In what film did Martin Mull play Colonel Mustard?


What was the problem in the movie and how was it solve?

Colonel Mustard in the Conservatory with the Candlestick.

What is colonel mustard's weapon?

The lead pipe. He used it in the kitchen.

Who led the American forces in Africa inWorld War 2?

Colonel Mustard which is why he was put into the popular board game Clue. FALSE.. Bernard Montgomery

In the movie Clue who killed the motorist?

Colonel Mustard killed the motorist in the movie Clue

What colonel worked along side of John Hancock?

John Hancock fought alongside Colonel Mustard, one of the most famous figures in the American Revolution.

Who are all the characters in cluedo?

The characters in the Clue board game are Miss Scarlett, Reverend Green, Colonel Mustard, Mrs White, Professor Plum and Mrs Peacock. Updated versions of these characters have been introduced and altered by Waddingtons.