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The Daughters of the Late Colonel was created in 1921.

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Q: When was The Daughters of the Late Colonel created?
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How does Mansfield convey her theme in The Daughters of the Late Colonel?

By showing how weak and indecisive the sisters are

What actors and actresses appeared in The Daughters of the Late Colonel - 1951?

The cast of The Daughters of the Late Colonel - 1951 includes: Angela Baddeley as Josephine Barbara Couper as Constantia Andrew Leigh as Rev. Henry Farolles Lennox Milne as Kate Terence Soall as Cyril Pinner Graham Squire as Dr. Podgett Norman Tyrrell as Mr. Knight Joan Young as Nurse Andrews

Why weren't the colonel's daughters married apex?

The colonel's daughters weren't married because they hadn't found suitable matches yet or because they chose not to marry.

Which of the following best describes the two main characters in Katherine Mansfield's The Daughters of the Late Colonel?

Two sisters who are unable to think for themselves

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