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Q: What fonts are used in The Bachelor logo?
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What are the fonts used for the Cake Boss logo?

I don't know. grtgdsgsag

What are the fonts used in the Macaroni Grill logo?

Gillies Gothic is close ...

WHICH Fonts use in videocon logo?

which font use in videocon new Logo

What fonts are used in the game series Kingdom Hearts?

The Kingdom Hearts logo is its own font, called "Kingdom Hearts".

How do you add Fonts to EMAIL?

What's the font style of the Google logo I see a similar type of font style on the EzeeFonts website?

What is the font used in the Microsoft logo?

The old font used was Helvetica Black Italicand the new font for the logo is Segoe.These aren't the actual fonts, but it is the closest that can be easily found online.Trebuchet MS by Microsoft Corp.Fonts by AerynPlease Refer To the Related Links below.

What software is there to aid in the design of a logo?

LogoYes, XHeader, and Logo Maker are examples of logo design software. Sometimes a program creating a variety of fonts is enough. But first you need to decide what image you want your logo to convey.

What fonts are used in club penguin?

They've made their own fonts.

What are the fonts used in BioShock Infinite logo?

They are using an outlined version of Trade Gothic Condensed no.20 for the word "Bioshock".In promotional material they are using both Trade Gothic and Knockout.

What is the fonts used for universal pictures?

The font used for the Universal Pictures logo is a custom-designed typeface called "Universal Grotesk." It is a modified version of the Grotesk typeface, created specifically for the studio's branding.

What font was used for Quiet Riot logo the yellow and red one with the bolts?

The font used for the Quiet Riot logo with the yellow and red color scheme and bolts is likely a custom-designed typeface specifically created for the band's branding. Custom-made fonts are often used by bands and companies to establish a unique and recognizable identity.

What font is used in the Team Fortress 2 logo?

It is a custom font called "TF2." It also has the TF2 Medic and TF2 Build. Look on your tf/resource folder in Steam to get the fonts inside.