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Album covers are carefully designed, as are the logos. Designers often create a special typeface for a client, or stylize an existing font, and many small changes are made to achieve the desired look. A similar font may be found by looking at typeface samples.

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Q: What font is used on the cover of Keane's album 'Under the Iron Sea'?
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Iron Maiden was the bands first ever album

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Iron Maiden's mascot that appears on shirts, merchandise and every album cover is called Eddie. He is also painted on the side of Iron Maiden Boeing 747 (which has been named Ed Force One).

What is the name of the character on every iron maiden album cover?

EDDIE THE 'EAD! He's a rotting ghoul/zombie, created by illustrator Derek Riggs.

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Derek Riggs recreated the original cover digitally for the 1998 remastered version. According to Derek the original artwork was lost and they couldn't find a good enough copy to reprint it from.

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145 album songs, 11 original B-sides and over 20 cover songs.