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jewel, Mariah Carey, alanis morisette, Gwen stephani [no doubt], and Natalie merchant, etc...

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Q: What female recording artist had hit songs in the 90's?
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What female artist covered Elton John's song 'Sacrifice'?

The song "Sacrafice" was recorded in the early '90s by Sinead O'Connor for the tribute album, "Two Rooms: Celebrating the Songs of Elton John and Bernie Taupin". It's a quite haunting, if not beautiful, version of the number one hit.

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Christina Aguilera - Blessed (1999)

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Dianna Reeves

The album CMB containing the 90s hit All 4 Love is by which artist?

color me badd

Who is agam Kumar nigam in Bollywood?

he was a Bollywood singer. he sang many songs in Bollywood back in 90s

What 90s Australian rock band featured on JJJ had such songs as I got a Cancer and Coriander?

Tlot Tlot

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I think you might have seen the chris isak music video that featured Helena christensen. Can't remember the songs name.

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A 90s Christian band named dc Talk (which stands for Decent, Christian Talk).

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