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Fred perry, Frank Sinatra Frank Skinner, Frank lampard,Fernando Torres felipe Massa,

Benjamin Franklin was an inventor and Colonial America hero. Emerson Fittipoldi is a famous racecar driver. Gerald Ford was a U.S. President. Frank Sinatra was a famous singer.

Frank Sinatra,

Frank James,


Frances Scott Key,

Franklin Pierce,

Forest Whitaker,

Ferdinand Magellan,

Franciso Pizarro,

Franklin Roosevelt,

Fabian born Fabiano Forte,

Fidel Castro was Cuba President. Franklin D. Roosevelt was U.S. President. Bobby Fisher was a famous chess player.

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Filius Flitwick and Fred Weasley.

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Fred Perry, Frank Sinatra Frank Skinner, Frank Lampard, Fernando

Torres Felipe Massa,

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Mary Seacole

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Q: What famous people that start with f in Harry Potter?
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