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i cant say but batista is rubbish John Cena has won the wwe champions 7 times and john cena does not have a problem with his family.

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Q: What family problems does John Cena have?
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Did John Cena's family not like Liz?

Cena's family liked Liz

Does john Cena like Liz family?

John Cena is single now

Did john cena kill his family?


Is it true that John Cena's family dont like Liz?

did cena's family like Liz

Who are John Cena's family members?

John Cena jr. is Itailian His parnets are John Cena sr. and Carol Cena he has four brothers. Matt , Dan, Steve and Sean. Trademark is his cousin .

Is john cena the oldest middle or youngest?

John Cena is a WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Cena has four brothers in his family. He is the second oldest son.

Is john cena going to quit?

I HOPE he DOESNT because he is hot (ima girl) and john cena is not a quiter sooner or later he will make a match wit wade barret that if he wins he will be out of nexus forever but if he losses he'll probly have to quit BUT if you know john cena he is NOT a QUITTER tehehehehe hope it helps =)Yes he is, but he will return quick, he is facing:Diseases ,Family Issues ,Personal Problems ,Family Problems.So there, that's why cena will retireJohn cena is not retiring anytime soon because of all his fan's and his support

Where is john cena's family from?

West Newbury, Massachusetts

Yes or no is John Cena still married to Liz?

everyone is saying john cena married to Liz but it is not true because in 5 questions with John cena a show he had he said that he was engaged to Liz his high school girlfriend the girl you all said he married but then he said that he had to break the engagement off because of family problems check

What is john cena favorite cartoon show?

family guy

How was john cena's family life?

ya John Cena he is my favorite Hero really I love him and I know this message nothing for john cena beacuse he has more people like me ok secondly I know he is a person who must love his family than me. regards Babula

Where can you find Pictures of John Cena and his family?

google it or yahoo it and go to dan cena or his dad myspace