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family guy

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What is John Cena's favorite tv show?

family guy.

Who is favored to win in atWrestlemania 25 John Cena Edge or the big show for the world heavy weight championship?

John Cena is definetly the favorite by women, children and mabye even some men but there will always be those edge heads and lovers of big show. BUT cena is the favorite of mostly EVERYONE!!!!!

Who won john cena or big show?

john cena :)

Who is your favorite wrestler of all time?

batista,kane,stone cold,big show THE ! AND ONLY JOHN CENA

Is john Cena Cena better the big show?

Well this would all depend weather or not you like john or the big show but yes John Cena is better

What show did john cena join in 2002?

john cena debut on smackdown

Who will win at extreme rules john cena or big show?

John Cena will be the winner. Big show suks

What show did john cena debut on?

John Cena debuted on SmackDown on June 27, 2002.

How did John Cena survive with jbl?

jbl didn't hit john cena it was just for show

Who is John cena's opponent in 2012 no way out?

The Big Show is John Cena's opponent in 2012 No Way Out

Who had beaten Big Show?

John cena

Has john cena picked big show up?

yes, john cena has picked up the big show and has given him the AA (additude adjustment)