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To watch over the young kids.

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Q: What excuses does Ralph give to let Piggy stay behind when the other boys go?
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Whose idea is it for Ralph and piggy to join the other's?


Why does Jack get so angry when Ralph shows he is worried about Piggy in lord of the flies?

dunno man Piggy clings to Ralph he admires him and wants to be friends with him. Ralph has no interest in this and makes fun of Piggy, he tells all the other boys on the island about the nickname piggy. Ralph and all the others are bothered by piggys speeches and outbursts eventually Ralph realizzes that piggy is a good friend

How does Ralph hurt Piggy's feelings?

he keeps on saying piggy piggy and he lets jack and the other know his name and they teases him about it

Who are the only biguns who have remained with Ralph in Lord of the Flies?

By the time that Ralph and Piggy go to Castle Rock to demand the return of Piggy's stolen glasses the only other biguns who remain loyal to Ralph are the twins Sam and Eric. And then, Jack makes "SamnEric" join his tribe, so they eventually leave Ralph too, leaving only himself and Piggy.

What does Ralph tell about piggy that humiliates him?

When Ralph chose Simon and Jack to accompany him on his expedition to climb the mountain Piggy asked if he could come to. He was disappointed when Ralph refused his offer. He also expressed his disappointment that Ralph had revealed his nickname to the other boys despite Piggy earlier asking him not to do so.

How does piggy and Ralph comfort each other in lord of the flies?

Well, when Ralph is feeling sad about being left out of Jacks group, Piggy comforts him in a way only a man can.

How does Jack react when Piggy and Ralph enter his camp in Lord of the Flies chapter 9?

Ralph and Piggy develop personal-friend bonds, Ralph playfully teases Ralph while the other boys condescend him, Ralph is the only boy who defends Piggy however. Piggy stresses that Jack is against civility, which Ralph stands for, Piggy says that Jack holds no regard for Piggy, nor any concern for him.

In the novel Lord of the Flies how does Ralph respond to Piggy's practical suggestions to have a meeting?

Piggy first mentioned a meeting as part of a hint which made hoping that Ralph would ask him what his name was but Ralph who obviously wasn't interested didn't ask. Piggy mentioned finding the others a little later and Ralph simply ignored what he saw as an unwanted intrusion on his pleasure at finding himself on a tropical island. When Piggy mentioned calling the other boys yet again, after Ralph had found the conch, Ralph blew a resounding blast on the shell which attracted the other boys to their location.

What does piggy suggest be done with the treasure Ralph has found?

Piggy suggests using the conch shell to call for the other boys who are stranded on the island.

Who told piggy's name to the group in lord of the flies?

Ralph told the other boys during their first assembly. He was the only person who Piggy had revealed it to.

What assignment does Ralph gives piggy instead of allowing him to join the exploration expedition?

He orders piggy to Get the names of every other child in the island.To quote from the book Ralph says... "Now go back, Piggy, and take names. That's your job. So long." To Quote directly from the book, Ralph says... "Now go back, Piggy, and take names. That's you job. So long."

What assignment does piggy get while Ralph goes to the mountain?

While Ralph and the other Biguns go to the Mountain, Piggy gets the assignment of getting all the other boy's names. This doesn't work out, though because it's a hard job for just one person.