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There is a nuclear war happening, mentioned by Piggy in the 1st or 2nd chapter, and the boys were evacuated from Britain.

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Q: What events led to the boy's arrival on the island for lord of the flies?
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Where are the boys in lord of the flies?

On the Island

What do the boys do when they enter the island in lord of the flies?


In Lord of the Flies is the island paradise?

The arrival of the boys impacts immediately on the condition of the island. A scar is left in the jungle, caused by the impact of the passenger tube that the boys arrived in. The boys set fire to a pocket of jungle near the top of the mountain on the day after their arrival and the book ends with the entire island burning when the fire started by Jack to smoke Ralph out of hiding gets out of control.

What is the book where a bunch of boys are shipwrecked on an island?

Lord of the Flies

What mammal do the boys encounter on the island in lord of the flies?

piggies <3

What does the shape of the island in lord of the flies evoke regarding the boys?

A boat.

Who were the 2 smallest boys on the island in lord of the flies?

Percival and Johnny are the two smallest boys on the island.

In the book Lord of the Flies why were the boys alone on the deserted island?

The plane on which the boys were being evacuated crashed on the island during a storm and the adults (along with some of the boys) on board were killed.

How was hope important in Lord of the Flies?

The boys have nothing but hope that they can get off of the island.

What makes The boys go to the island lord of the flies?

The boys are sent to the island when they are evacuated from a previous place during the war. Their plane is shot down and they fall out into the ocean close to the island. The currents was them ashore to the island

Why doesn't the ship respond in Lord of the Flies?

There was nothing for the ship to respond to. If the island was on the ship's charts it would have been marked as uninhabited (which is was before the arrival of the boys) so the ship would have had no reason to visit it. The signal fire had gone out so there was no smoke to attract the attention of the ship to the fact that there were people on the island.

Lord of the Flies what rituals from home do the boys carry with them on the island?

they carry nothing at all!