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that happened in the third movie after the titles and such in part 12

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Q: What episodes of inuyasha has kagome giving back the necklace that broke?
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In the Inuyasha episodes do Inuyasha and Kagome have kids?

no. even in the manga they don't.

What episodes does kagome get angry at inuyasha?

that would be in every episode

What are the episodes kagome and inuyasha kiss in?

InuYasha: The Final Act Episode 26: Towards Tomorrow

Does Inuyasha love Kagome?

Yes, it is proven that Inuyasha in fact loves Kagome. In some of the episodes he sometimes does things just to protect her, like when he sent her back home with no way to get back there, and in others he does things like hold her. In the second movie they kiss, but that has no relation to the actual series of episodes. Kikyou dies later in the manga because of Naraku. Inuyasha and Kagome end up marrying after being apart for three years.Yeah, and in some episodes when Kagome cares about other boys Inuyasha gets really jealous and Kagome comforts him.

What episodes does kagome tell inuyasha to sit?

Episode 38 Inuyasha- "damn she's asleep already" Kagome- "Inuyasha..." Inuyasha- "Huh? she's taking in her sleep is she dreaming about me?" Kagome- "Sit." (from the English dub)

What episode does inuyasha wants be alone with kagome?

lots of times in the episodes

What episodes does kagome see inuyasha kissing kikyo?

it's inuyasha final act ep 8

Does kagome ever sit Inuyasha when he is human?

There is no episodes that show Inuyasha in his mortal form being "sit".

Did inuyasha hurt kagome?

He trys not to hurt kagome because he cares about and knows how she feels her but there are some episodes that . In episode 126 there is a part when kagome explains about inuyasha and her feelings AHHH!! :)

What is the best inuyasha episodes OR movie ever?

I LOVE the 2nd Movie because that is where Inuyasha and Kagome kiss!!!!!!!! <3

In what inuyasha episodes does someone want kagome to be their wife?

InuYasha was not wed in the anime. He did, however, marry Kagome in the last chapter of the manga.

Is kagome a virgin?

LOL , i think inuyasha probably had sex with her already. plus in one of the episodes of inuyasha the final act when kagome was with inuyasha in her room ALONE . she started thinking " me and inuyasha are all alone" as they were about to kiss her parents came her LMAO epic .