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there are a couple episodes when Conan became kudou again, but not permanatly. they're still currently working on the seasons, so technically u should ask if it's temporaily or permanent. as for the episodes, u should go on wikipedia and type in case closed episodes. they list all the seasons. sorry i couldn't be of much help.

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Q: What episodes did Conan became kudo?
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In which episodes does ran suspect Conan true identity?

Episodes 7, 98-100, 187 or 188-189, and 400

Who is the English voice actor that plays Jimmy kudo?

Jerry Jewell does the English voice-over for Jimmy Kudo as an adult and Alison Viktorin provides the voice for the younger Konan Edogawa form of Jimmy Kudo .

Which episode ran thick Conan is Shinichi?

There are some good episodes that Ran think Conan is Shinichi The first one is in episode 7 its a great episode you should watch it The 2nd one is 96, I think :/ then 188 - 193 (Desperate Revival) Conan will get shot and Ran will see that Conan has the same blood type as Shinichi (But Ran won't know still) :/ There's one with the telephone but I forgot what episode that is :/ sorry I'll try to search for more episodes :D I'm gonna re-watch some more

Which episode Conan becomes shinichi forever?

they are still making this anime in japan. therefore it is not yet through. but there are humors that Conan will return as shinichi and marry ran.. prior to the desperate revival episodes (proposal). but then again it's just fanfic..

When in inuyasha does kudo shinichi appear?

Kudo Shinichi appears in: (The episode is in bold when he turns back into Kudo Shinichi, the rest are flashbacks and cameos)Episode 1- The obvious episode where he shrinksThe Murder of the Diplomat Parts 1 and 2 (episodes 48 and 49)Memories of First Love Part 2 (Episode 101) *This is a flashback of Shinichi in middle schoolKudo Shinichi's First Case: A Locked Room Murder In The Sky (1 hour special) (Episode 162) *This is a flashback of Shinichi's first caseThe Desperate Revival Episodes 190-193Famous Detectives Gathered! Kudo Shinichi vs. Kaito Kid (2 hour special) *This is a flashback of the first faceoff between Kaito and Shinichi, back before he turned into ConanKudo Shinichi's New York Case: The Murder (Episodes 286-288) *Flashback 1 year ago in New York CityFriendship That Couldn't Be Bought With Money (Part 2) (Episode 330) *CameoRan's Suspicions (Episode 400) *FlashbackThe Mystery of the Perfectly Halved Crime (Episode 413) CameoUeto Aya and Shinichi: The Promise Made 4 Years Ago (Episode 437) *Flashback four years in the pastThe Mystery That I Loved (456) *CameoKudo Shinichi's Childhood Adventure (472-473) *Flashback ten years ago to show a young Shinichi, Ran, Sonoko, Yusaku Kudo, Yukiko, Kogoro, Eri (still hapilly married to Kogoro), Toichi Kuroba (the original Kaito Kid before he was murdered by Snake {see Magic Kaito series for explanation}, and Kaito Kuroba, aka Kaito Kid)Hattori Heiji vs. Kudo Shinichi: The Grand Deduction Showdown! (1 hour special) (490) Flashback to when Heiji and Shinichi were in middle school)Murderer, Kudō Shinichi (1 hour special) (521)Shinichi's True Colors and Ran's Tears (1 hour special)(522)What She Really Wants To Ask(523)

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How haibara know that Conan is shinichi kudo and is shrunken like her?

Because profesor agasa told her that conan was shinichi and he shrink by the capsule he made

Does Shinichi Kudo love ran Mouri in detective Conan?

Yes,sinichi lve ran

What episode of dETECTIVE Conan?

There are many episodes in detective conan. There are around 700 episodes.

What is Conan Edogawa famous for?

Conan Edogawa is a famous detective in a Japanese cartoon. He is the shrunken form of Shinichi Kudo. He appears in manga and anime, has many alter egos, and is extremely young.

What happened with Conan in the end in Detective Conan?

the episodes aren't finished yet

What is jimmy kudo's birthday in Detective Conan?

His birthday is May 4. They did not tell the year though. They celebreted on the first movie, Detective Conan/Case Closed Movie 1: The Time Bombed SkyScraper.

In Detective conan were Ran Mouri and Shinichi Kudo born in 1979/1978?

In the Detective Conan series, the birth years of Ran Mouri and Shinichi Kudo are not explicitly stated in the manga or anime. However, it is generally assumed that they were born around 1978-1979, based on certain clues and references throughout the series. For example, in one episode, it is mentioned that Shinichi Kudo's parents got married in 1977, which would suggest that he was born sometime after that year. Additionally, in another episode, Shinichi mentions that he was born in the year of the Horse, which corresponds to the years 1978 and 1990 in the Chinese zodiac calendar. Based on these clues and assumptions, it is likely that Ran Mouri and Shinichi Kudo were born in 1978 or 1979.

Which episode in Detective Conan does heiji come?

Heiji shows up in the episode 47-48. It is a showdown between Kudo shinichi and himself.

In what detective Conan episode does he first return to kudo shinichi?

Episode 49 (50 in English), the diplomat murder case part 2

Is that really shuuichi akai is Subaru okiya?

yes it is true akai shuuichi is really subaru okiya and he also knows that conan is kudo shinnichi

How old is Conan from Detective Conan?

Conan has the appearance of a 6-7 year old. Because he shrunk into a little kid. (3rdgrader.) However, he is actually 17 (and his real name is Shinichi/Jimmy Kudo)

What episode is chapter 609 of Detective Conan?

Episodes 501-504