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Episode 87 close to the end of the episode as a flashback.

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Q: What episode is it where Kakashi sees Naruto in Minato's shadow when he's practicing his wind jutsu?
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What episode of Naruto does Naruto nag Kakashi to teach him chidori?

episode 85

What episode in season 2 does Kakashi teach naruto more of rasengan?

Naruto Shippuden episode 15

Does saskue kill Kakashi?

kakashi died in battle in naruto shippuden episode 425.....T_T

What is the best Naruto episode?

I think its the episode titled "Gotta See Gotta Know...Kakashi Sensei's True Face" I also like the 3rd episode where Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura tried to get Kakashi's bells. Or if your talking about shippuden...Kakashi Gaiden is great! In case you have not figured it out...I Love Kakashi!! ;)

What was the Naruto episode where Kakashi appeared in Naruto's windowsill with a bowl of salad?

No body knows .......

Does Kakashi fall in love?

Yes in Naruto episode 191.

What happen to Kakashi in naruto's last episode?

kakashi will die because he kill by sasuke and naruto kill sasuke then he become a hokege.just an imagination.

What episode did naruto try to unmask Kakashi?

It's episode 101, lol its so funny do watch :D!!! ^.^

What episode naruto know that Kakashi kill by pain?

Shippuden 163

What episode does Kakashi fight Sasuke?

naruto manga 480 thru 490

What episode are the Kakashi chronicels?

Naruto Shippuuden episode 119 is part 1 and 120 part 2.

What episode does naruto kill zabusa?

Episode 19 Naruto doesn't kill Zabuza. He dies while trying to kill Gato after he is injured by Kakashi.