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"Homer the Whopper" is the 1st episode in the 21st season.

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Q: What episode in simpsons is Homer the whopper?
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Why was The Simpsons episode called Homer the Whopper?

parody of "Home of the Whopper", which is the Burger King phrase

What are the ratings and certificates for The Simpsons - 1989 Homer the Whopper 21-1?

The Simpsons - 1989 Homer the Whopper 21-1 is rated/received certificates of: Netherlands:6 USA:TV-PG (1997-Present)

In which Simpsons episode does Homer go into space?

Deep Space Homer

Which Simpsons episode is it when Homer sings to Marge?

There are several episodes of the Simpsons in which Homer sings to Marge. For example, there is the 4th episode of season 14.

On what date did the Simpsons episode 'Homer Goes to College' originally air?

The original airdate of The Simpsons' episode Homer Goes to College was October 14, 1993.

Which Simpsons episode do women love Homer because he can sing?

Homer of Seville

What is the 348th episode aired on The Simpsons?

Mobile Homer

What episode of the Simpsons when homer grow up?


What is the name of the episode of Simpsons where Homer gets a gun?

The Cartridge Family is the episode when Homer Simpson gets a handgun.

What is the 263rd episode aired on The Simpsons?

Hungry, Hungry Homer

What is the name of the simpsons stone cutters episode?

Homer the Great

What was the name of The Simpsons episode where Homer becomes an opera star?

Season 19 episode 2. It's called The Homer Of Seville