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Sakura doesn't get caught by the Akatsuki

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There is no epsiode of that event.

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episode 3

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That’s on the movie ‘road to ninja’

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Q: What episode does itachi catch sakura?
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What episode of Naruto does Itachi try to kiss Sakura?

I don't think Itachi tries to kiss Sakura.

Which naruto episode do Sakura and itachi kiss?

sorry to say that never happened

Is itachi in love with sakura?

Lol...No. Itachi Did Have A Lover Though. It Wasn't Sakura Though... Anyways...Itachi Is Not In Love With Sakura.

Is Kira Uchiha real?

Yes, Kira Uchiha is the son of Itachi and Sakura. In episode 899 Kira kills his own father. Sakura dies from a viral heart disease.NO! he can't be the son of someone who is dead...besides sakura loves sasuke and she would never betray the manga and the anime itachi is killed by sasuke...I know the Truth... He's Real! Itachi did Die! But in Masashi's first version of "NARUTO" Itachi became pregnant with Sakura! It was not 899! It was Episode 100. Sakura died of Nothing! Itachi killed Sasuke! Believe me, I am a Japanese Franchiser! I learned English!

What episode does deidara meet sakura?

She doesn't! He is way to cute for her!!! Sakura loves Sasuke in a few ways but has feelings for Naruto. In manga she kills him anyway.

Is sakura really in love with itachi?

No!!!! Sakura loved Sasuke not his brother Itachi!

Does sakura fight itachi?

No, Sakura does not. She does however, appear in a battle against a fake itachi.

What episode in Naruto does itachi find Sakura on the floor with scrsch marks?

i don't even think that happened

Does sakura fall in love with itachi?

no itachi is dead

Does Itachi think that Sakura is hot?

if you don't include the time when Yura was transformed to Itachi, Itachi and Sakura hasn't meet each other

Does Saske protect Sakura from Itachi?

No, he doesn't even need to, since Itachi had zero interest in Sakura

Does itachi kidnap sakura?