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In the Anime Naruto does not know his parents are yet, Naruto finds out his dad is the 4th hokage in chapter 440 of the manga and his mother is kushina in chapter 498, in the anime naruto still does not know

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2010-06-17 13:04:43
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Q: What episode does Naruto find out who his parents are?
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Dose Naruto ever find out about his parents?

Yes in ''Naruto Shippuden'' episode 168. It shows that the Fourth Hokage confesses to Naruto that he is his father.

What episode of Naruto shippuden does Naruto find out Hinata likes him?

Naruto Shippuuden episode 166

What are the names of sasori akasuna 's parents in naruto?

In Naruto, he doesn't have parents. they died the first episode!

What Naruto episode does Naruto find out about his dad?

Season 8: episode 168

Which Naruto episode will Naruto's parents be mentioned?

When jiraiya dies. When Naruto is fighting Pain When Naruto is taming the kyubii

In what episode do they show Narutos parents?

Naruto's mom (Kushina Uzumaki) in naruto shippuden episode 128Naruto's father (Minato Namikaze Aka the 4th Hokage) in naruto episode 1

In what episode does Sakura find out Naruto is a host?

naruto is not a host

In Naruto Shippuden does Naruto ever find out about his parents and who they were and who is he told by and what episode is he told in?

It Is A FACT Naruto's Father Is The 4th Hokage, Minato Namikaze, And That His Mother Is Kushina Uzumaki. Just Watch Naruto Shippuden Episode 128. It Is A Flashback Of Jiraiya's. It Is About The Times When Minato Was Jiraiya's Apprentice.

Does Naruto know who his parents are in Shippuden?

In episode 167 he meets only his father in naruto shippuden.

Where can you find Naruto 91 in English?

My friend, there is not an episode of naruto in English past episode 76 srry

What is the website where you can find Naruto episode 222 English dubbed?

You can find Naruto Shippuden episode 222 English dubbed at this website:

What episode of Naruto does sasuke find out Naruto kills pain?


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