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The Tama drum kit

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Q: What drum kit does the Kooks use?
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Can you use a double bass drum pedal on a electric drum kit?


What drum kit does RHCP drummer use?

a pearl

What is the best use for a bass drum?

To play it with a full drum kit! The bass drum is the backbone of any rock beat. Be sure to use it wisely!

What is a Bateria drum kit?

A drum kit that is very germy.

Which country was the drum kit first used?

Origins of the pieces from the drum kit itself originate from Africa ~200 BC up till the 1500s in Europe, but the actual unification and use of the drum kit was first used in America, by the black slaves in the 1800s.

What is the best drum kit?

There is no 'best' drum kit. Each brand and type of kit has its individual advantages.

Why did people start to use the drum kit?

Why do you ask such a dumb question

Can you use the Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock drum stand frame on the World Tour drum Kit?


What drum is not a part of a standard drum set or drum kit?

Usually, a fourth tom is not included in the standard kit.

How many songs include a snare drum?

Any song witch has drumming in it will use a snare drum. it is one of if not the most important drum on the kit.

What is the centre drum in a drum kit called?

bass drum

What other thing can you find in a drum kit exsept a drum?

You can find cymbals inside a drum kit. The number of cymbals is different in each drum kit, because there are different kinds of music. But all come with a Hi-hat unless it is only a drum kit with only drums.