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Q: What drum heads does joey jordison use?
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What drum kit does the Kooks use?

The Tama drum kit

Is Slayer the fastest band in the US?

No. Although slayer is an exceptionally fast and awesome band, the fastest band in the US of A would have to go to one of the greatest punk bands in california, if not the world, Pennywise. The fastes band in the US and probably the world could also go to Agoraphobic Nosebleed mainly due to the fact they use a drum machine. A brazillian band named Sarcofago tried to become the fastest band in the world by using a drum machine also but of course there's always someone faster. Probably Anaemia from Spain is the fastest, who don't use drum machine. And there are a lot of bands which use drum machine and which are a lot faster than sarcofago (for example) by bpm, mostly noise grind bands.

What kind of drum machine does Erykah Badu use?

Questlove (when the Roots are serving as her accompaniment)Otherwise it is Christopher Dave.

Does Joey Jordison take drugs?

Yes. Expect for Johnny. He had problems with drink and drugs before the band started and was refused to touch drugs afterwards. Joey did not do drugs after his 20's, but was a heavy drinker for a time, He quick drinking more than 10 years before he died.

What kind of drums did John Bonham use?

Drum Kit: Ludwig classic maple: 12*14 rack, 16*16 and 18*18 floor toms, 14*26 bass drum and an LM402 Ludwig Aluminium Snare. Cymbals: Paiste 2002: 15" Hi-Hats, 18" and 20" Medium thin crashes and a 24" Ride. Bonham also liked the Ludwig Amber Vistalite acrylic kit, in the same sizes. John Bonham's drum tech Jeff Ocheltree explaining Bonham's Kit.

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What brand of drum does joey jordison use in slipknot?


What does joey jordison use to spin his drums around?

A mask.

What drums does joey jordison use?

Joey Jordison is also known by his number #1. He is co founder and the drummer of very finest agrammy award winning heavy metal band Slipknot and he plays guitar for a band called horror punk supergroup Murderdolls.

Why do people use the skin of cheetahs?

drum heads

What drum heads does aaron gillespie use?

Evans G2 Coated.

What drum heads does Micheal ''moose'' thomas use?

most of the time he uses pearl drums but i have seen him use ddrum. every once in a while

What type of drum set does Daniel Adair use?

Daniel Adair uses DW drums, Remo heads and Sabian Cymbals

What drumhead would be easier to tune and offer more durability?

The easiest drum heads to tune and sound awesome in my opinion would be the remo emperor clear. These drum heads are easy to tune and they give the best tone, they are easy to tune and they sound awesome. I highly recommend moon gels most drummers would say not to use them ,not saying their wrong, but what they dont realize is when you tune most drum heads they have a high pitched ring sound after they're hit. Moon Gels take that ,the high pitched ringing sound, out giving the drum sound a pop or thump these drum heads are mainly for rock or metal anything really. Hope this helped! Thumbs up!

Would it be safe to use water and a towel to clean drum heads and cymbals?

I heard it is if you just dry it when you're done. If you leave it wet then it will rust.

What pedals does joey jordison use today?

It may seem like it but no. His feet are just really fast from many years of training. Check out some of the many exercises on line and maybe you'll be half as fast as him in 3 years. Ha ha ha.

What instrument do you use while playing a bass drum?

You use the ... bass drum while playing the bass drum ... (?)

What drum kit does the Kooks use?

The Tama drum kit