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If you mean the restaurant when she was on her first 'date' with Edward. They went to an Italian restaurant called Bella Italia and she had Mushroom ravioli.

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Q: What dose Bella have to eat in the diner?
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What does Bella have to eat in the Diner?

garden burger

What kind of burger does Bella eat at the Fork's diner?

a garden burger.

In what lesson dose Bella promise to tell Jessica everything about dinner out with Edward?

Bella agreed to tell Jessica everything about her diner with Edward during Trig (Trigonometry).

What is the name of the diner called in the movie twilight where Charlie and Bella eat at?

come getcher nubinz cause everyone knows that Bella loves nubins she loves Edwards nubin the most

What was the name of the diner charlie and Bella ate?

It was the Carver Cafe

What is the correct spelling dinner or diner?

Dinner-The Food You Eat. Diner-The Place Where You Eat The Food.

What was Stephanie Myers doing on the twlilgkt movie?

She was in the diner, ordering a garden burger. Its the second time they show Bella and Charlie in the diner.

Dose Bella give birth?

Bella does give birth to a baby girl.

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How do you say i eat diner in french?

You can say '' Je mange'' , which translates literally to ''I eat'' or you can also say ''Je dîne'' , which translates to '' I have/eat diner''