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Proxies are websites that allow users to view blocked content.

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Q: What does to be a proxy for the Internet itself mean?
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What is a upstream proxy?

A proxy supplies internet data to your client if configured to do so. An upstream proxy proxy provides the Internet pages to your proxy.

What does it mean when your ipod says there was a problem communticatin with the web proxy server?

A web proxy server is a computer which sits between you and the internet, all your internet requests are sent via the proxy server. The proxy server can be responsible for virus checking, website blocking, ip hiding and other stuff. If you cannot communicate with your web proxy, you cannot reach the internet Possible reasons :- Your web proxy is down you have specified the wrond details for the web proxy Don't know anything about iPods - sorry

How do you get past proxy server?

Install free proxy software on your PC. Pay for access to a proxy server located on the internet. Set up an encrypted tunnel between the proxy installed on your PC and the proxy on the internet. Set your brower to use the proxy installed on your PC. Done.

What is LAN proxy mean?

If the internet is directly connected to the PC if the internet is connected to servers then the other pc's are connected in a LAN then the users in a LAN must change their LAN proxy settings in a browser

What the mens of IP?

IP means internet proxy, your IP address is your specific Internet Proxy. (also, try learning how to spell)

How do you get proxy wedsites?

You can get proxy websites by just surfing the internet for proxies in google or looking for links on proxy websites. Here is the on I use:

What is air proxy?

air proxy provides you with a way to surf the internet anonymously for free from school, work or home

How is a proxy set up on the iPad?

A proxy can be set up on the iPad but it is not always the best way to set up the internet. The proxy can be chosen by going into the general setting and then wireless.

Can a router modify a broadcast address?

If you mean your external address that one which other internet user can see out of your network. The answer is yes. If your question is whether your router can hide its real address: the answer is no. If you want to hide your real ip address you need to use one of those proxy servers. And it's rather matter of each computer in your network to have proxy settings set than the router itself.

How do you share internet and files on two computers?

Internet sharing or through proxy using we can shre internet and files and folders.

How to Hide Proxy Button in Internet Explorer -- Tools?

you go to tools-internet options-connections-LAN settings. the proxy option should be there to tick or untick. Untick for no banned websites etc.

What is proxy server address?

A proxy is a web service that allows you to access the internet through an alternate source, and can allow you to bypass internet blockers. They can also be used to maintain privacy when you are using your computer by giving the location and information of the proxy as opposed to your computer. They also can increase ping if you're playing online games.