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  • It usually means that they are an expert or knowledgeable in a certain subject such as computers
  • It can mean someone who is different because their expertise/knowledge in a subject sets them apart.
  • A 'geek' can be an adult, a child or a teenager. A 'geek' can be male or female.
  • It's good that they're brainy.
  • There is nothing wrong with being smart or knowledgeable.
  • Bill Gates was a geek and look how successful he became.
  • A geek is someone who shows a great interest (sometimes an obsession) for a particular subject that is often (but not always) technical in nature.
  • It can some times mean a person who is single-minded or accomplished in technical scientific subjects, but is at the same time thought to be socially inept.
  • One of the richest men in America is Bill Gates (Microsoft) the alpha geek billionaire.
  • Once upon a time being described as a geek was seen as an insult Now, however, the term 'geek' has become complimentary or even a badge of honor.
  • If someone thinks geeks are not cool, they're entitled to their opinion. Others, however, think they are cool.
  • Many geeks are 'hot' (or 'cool'), watch Mythbusters' Kari, Grant, and Tori.
  • A geek is someone who has an intense interest in a particular subject/s. He/she engages in active strategizing, thinking and engagement in relation to that subject/s. It is someone who embraces a particular subject/s and spends considerably more time and effort on that than the average person.
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At one time, the word geek referred to a carnival performer who bit the heads off chickens or ate glass. In modern times, geek came to represent a person who did odd or bizarre work for payment. This term also has special significance in the technological world. Because programming computers was considered odd work, these workers came to be referred to as geeks. Typically computer programming is a labor intensive work thus programmers may tend to spend more time with machines than other humans thus contributing to the belief that geeks tend to be socially awkward. In actuality one does not preclude the other and so it may be inaccurate to conclude that all geeks display antisocial behavior.

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Nerd means, in some peoples perspective that a person is really smart or in others that a person is obsessed with computers or technology in general... i like that answer :D

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A geek is a sort of uber-nerd. If you geek out, you're really acting like a geek. Typical geek behavior includes gaming, reading, and studying.

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Q: What does the term geek really mean?
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