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Sponsors are people who can pay money to help out tributes in the Games by sending them gifts. As the Games get on, gifts get more expensive to send. Katniss states that the money that may buy you a whole dinner at the start of the Games will only by a box of matches, or a flask towards the end.

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They looked for bravery and talent in the tributes to give them their score.

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Q: What does the sponsors in the hunger games look for?
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What resources do they have in the book Hunger Games?

The tributes in normal hunger games have whatever they have at the cornucopia to help them survive and they also have whatever the arena has and what they get from their sponsors.

Why does Katniss and Peeta ration the food from the sponsors in the hunger games?

why do katniss and peeta ration the food from the sponsors

What is the first present Katins's sponsors send her in the hunger games?

She receives ointment for her burns.

What role will haymitch play at the hunger games?

Haymitch will approve the sponsors for Katniss and Petta.

What do the parachutes and silver symbolize in the Hunger Games?

In the Hunger Games, the silver parachutes are gifts to the tributes from their sponsors. They can contain life saving materials.

Who is the gamemarks in The Hunger Games?

The gamemakers are the people that decide how and what will the hunger games look like.

What was Katniss and Peeta's strategy for the 75th hunger games?

To Be In Love (they Already Were) And To Say that Katniss Was Pregnant So they Would Get Sponsors

What does greasy say look like in the Hunger Games?

look up greasy say from the hunger games movie on google images

What is the significant of the score given to each tributes in hunger games?

It gives the sponsors a better chance to pick the best one to help out.

Where has the sponsors gift come from and why in the hunger games?

i think that the reason that they give them gifts is because they need help and they love them love, kylie

Do you get to be in the Hunger Games on the Hunger Games adventures?

So far no, but they are still adding to the game so keep a look out.

Does The Hunger Games have an intimate relationship?

No, just kissing nothing more. Katniss fakes a pregnancy in catching fire to get sponsors but, they never actually did it.