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your question doesnt make sense but i think oneway they get food is when theyre sponsors give the mentor money and the mentor buys them food

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2011-10-12 00:33:06
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Q: What is there another way they districts can get food in the hunger games?
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Why is the Hunger Games have hunger in its name?

The Hunger Games has Hunger in its name because these games are meant to give food for people/districts who can't afford food

How does bread and games relate to The Hunger Games?

because the districts to the capodile are just entertainment (games- the hunger games) and the things they use (food- food, electricity, coal, clothes........) Because Panem means bread and circuses.

What disadvantage do the Careers have in The Hunger Games?

The careers may be strong but they are from the rich districts, where they can receive anything and food whenever they want it, so therefore, if they run out of food or supplies they will not have the same survival skills like people from districts like 11 and 12, where they deal with hunger every day.


tesserae is where if your in need of food, you can put your name in the draw for The Hunger Games another time for a supply of grains and oil for your family. In the Hunger Games Gale does tessrae.

What does tesserae mean in The Hunger Games?

tesserae is where if your in need of food, you can put your name in the draw for the hunger games another time for a supply of grains and oil for your family. In the hunger games Gale does tessrae.

How are people in the capitol different from those who live in the districts in the Hunger Games?

First of all, the capitol is in charge of all the districts, and nobody in the capitol competes in the hunger games. Second of all, they have better technology then everyone else (except maybe district 13), and a higher standard of living. Lastly, while everything is strict and it is very hard to even get food in the districts, people in the capitol are free and take almost everything for granted.

What does hunger have to do in the Hunger Games book?

Hunger is in Hunger Games because the tributes starve and get not much food so they are really hungry. Then if they win the Hunger Games, they can have as much food as they want.

What is the problem in The Hunger Games?

The kids in the Hunger Games have to fight to the death of one another so they can win the games, and get home to their district. Once they win, you get fame, better food, and more opportunities.

What is a cereal name for the Hunger Games without using hunger?

The Food games The death games the fighting games Or the appetite games

What gifts did rue get in The Hunger Games?


What is the food symbolism of pudding in the Hunger Games?

pudding symbolizes prosperity and the willing to live by the tributes in the hunger games

What is the hod in the Hunger Games?

the hob in the hungergames is a black market for the seam to get food, its illegal to trade and sell in the districts, but the hob is defiant to the rules. But katniss and gale sell therir game (game is hunted animals) for food or money

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