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parson wants the sub winston forgot to give him

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Q: What does the parsons want from Winston?
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Who won the Winston Cup Series in 1973?

Benny Parsons

Who does Winston predict will be vaporized?

Parsons, because he is not too clever and blindly believes anything the party tell him.

Who won the NASCAR championship in 1973?

Benny Parsons won the Nascar Winston Cup Series championship in 1973.

In the book 1984 Parsons brags about his children for doing what?

Parsons bragged about his children for snitching to the Thought Police for his unorthodox behaviour. Family values are eradicated in the society, hence even parents are afraid of their children. The children are trained since young to spy on their parents and report any unorthodox behaviour of their parents.

What is the birth name of Nicholas Parsons?

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What did the British president Winston Churchill want to do to the Nazis?

Winston Churchill was not the president, he was the Prime Minister, he declared war on Germany

Where did Winston Churchill want to attack in Germany?

Winston did not want to attack Germany. He was more for peace on the Earth. It was heard of to stop some of the consentration camps but never wanted to attack.

What is the birth name of Rose Parsons?

Rose Parsons's birth name is Rosemary Parsons.

What did Winston Churchill want to be as his daily life job?


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The address of the Parsons Public Library is: 311 S 17Th Street, Parsons, 67357 4213

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