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Terence Parsons was born in 1939.

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Q: When was Terence Parsons born?
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Was singer Matt Monro Scottish?

No, he was English, despite his Scottish-sounding stage surname. He was born in London as Terence Edward Parsons.

When was the English singer Matt Monroe born?

Born Terence Edward Parsons, Matt Monroe was born on the first of December 1930 in Shoreditch, in the present London Borough of Hackney. He was an internationally renowned singer.

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Terence Tolbert was born in 1964.

When was Terence Sanders born?

Terence Sanders was born in 1901.

When was Terence Kilmartin born?

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Terence Vaughan was born in 1915.

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Terence Faherty was born in 1954.

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