What does nasdrovia mean?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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здоровью means :to the health, Russian people use it instead of cheers in English

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Q: What does nasdrovia mean?
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What language is nasdrovia?

"Nasdrovia" is not a language, but rather a common toast in Polish, Russian, and other Eastern European languages. It is often used as a way to say "cheers" when making a toast before drinking.

How do you write 'nasdrovia' in Russian?

На здоровье! Added: Russians don't say this as a toast. This is more what you'd use to thank someone for a meal. In a toast, за вас (zah vahs) is more appropriate. The question was not asking where the saying was appropriate to use but how it is spelt in Russian. It is spelt Na zdoróvye.

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