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A mosaic painting is when one large piece of art is made up of all different smaller pieces of art. Mosaic paintings became popular during the Renascence times.

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it means amazing entertainment

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Q: What does mosaic mean in art sense?
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What do the words cultural mosaic mean?


Where did mosaic originate from?

Mosaic art originated from Rome.

What do you call an art work with tiles?

A picture made with with tiles and stone is a mosaic.

When was Mosaic - Art Blakey album - created?

Mosaic - Art Blakey album - was created on 1961-10-02.

Where can you purchase mosaic art?

Mosaic art may be purchased through Absolute Arts. They have an extensive collection of mosaic art including tiles and stained glass pieces. They offer contemporary and modern styles.

What is the name of a picture made of small cubes of colored stone or glass?

If you are referring to the art in general, as in the type of art famous for depicting Bible scenes in cathedrals and church sanctuaries, it is simply called stained glass, or Mosaic, art.

What practitioner first created a visual art mosaic?

The art of mosaic is very old. The names of the first practitioners have not survived.

How is mosaic art related to geometry?


Is there Iranian mosaic art?

yes. Mosaic Art (called Kashi Kari in in Farsi) has been there for hundreds of years now. it has a blast growth in the Islamic age.

What is the popular art form in the Byzantine empire?


Who is the dog mosaic important to?

A dog mosaic is important to anyone interested enough in having dog mosaic art -- in the sense that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Archaeologists uncovered dog mosaics in Pompeii after the city was buried by Vesuvius. This indicates that dog mosaics were importnat to the people of Pompeii.

When was the mosaic made?

If you are asking when mosaic art was developed, the oldest mosaics date back to 3000 to 4000 BC.